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Get one on one with FLOWERPOWERTAROT - Symbolon Card Reading and Tarot Reading in Hoyerswerda right now. 25-30 years of career in Tarot Reading. I was in FlowerPower Tarot's room and got a connection with her via a demo reading. I was not actually looking to get a reading initially. However, the connection was bang on target. I was so shocked by the accuracy of it, that I decided to get a reading. FlowerPower Tarot gave me some excellent advice and helped me to see what I need to focus on. She has an excellent connection to Spirit. WOW! Justin Oz | 2013-07-14 18:22:28 ✿ FAST, ACCURATE & HONEST ✿ MY SCHEDULE REGULARLY INCLUDES WORKING FOR AN ORGANIZATION THAT SUPPORTS LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES AROUND THE WORLD. ★★★★★ PLEASE NOTE: FREE CHAT IS FOR CHATTING, AND ASKING QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW I WORK. IF YOU ENTER MY FREE CHAT ROOM AND ASK FOR FREE READINGS, YOU ARE BEING DISRESPECTFUL OF MY TIME AND MY GIFTS. THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, THANK YOU. ★★★★★ MY LIFE PATH: I've had "White Light" experiences since childhood, and began communicating with my Guides by my mid-twenties. I was initiated on a meditative Spiritual Path at age 21 (over 25 years ago). I read, as well as teach tarot. I am a full-time professional reader. I work internationally online, in person at Psychic Fairs, and also have a private practice. I routinely travel the globe to study with today's top teachers. Beyond being able to provide fast and accurate readings, I have a wealth of Spiritual and Metaphysical Experiences to draw on: Numerous White Light Experiences, Many ADCs (After Death Communications & Visitation "Dreams"), NDEs (Near Death Experiences), Raising a Psychic Child, etc. I am able to read for, and coach, people in many areas of their lives. MY READINGS: I AM A PSYCHIC CHANNEL and I READ TAROT. If you are looking for an honest reader, you've found one! I don't sell fairy tales, or tell you what I think you want to hear. I give you the answers and information that I receive for you straight, no fluffy stuff. As a Clairvoyant, Clairaudiant, Empath I use Tarot Cards, my Guides, and your Guides to bring through answers for you. A NOTE ABOUT PRICE: I AM A VERY FAST READER. Buy only the MINIMUM CREDITS, and HAVE YOUR LIST OF QUESTIONS READY. If you want a longer reading, you can always purchase more credits during the reading. My price is slightly higher than some here, but my SPEED AND ACCURACY more than make up for this difference. REVIEWS: "Absolutely, positively the best!! Over a year ago I was looking for answers about love and she described the man I would meet in the future. I met him within one month of my reading. We have been together now for a year and it's wonderful. Now I came back to Flowerpottarot for guidance about my career and she gave me the answers I was looking for. She is Awesome and I would recommend her to anyone." "Truly an powerful and amazing connect instantly. She was simply magnificent...I am very pleased.." "Excellent reader, very sharp and on her game, great reading!" "OMG she was amazing, she new everything about me and all i told her was my name and age, she got everything on the spot. I WILL BE BACK THIS LADY IS REAL!" Peace and Blessings, LINDA BLOOM *A NOTE FROM LINDA: If you are unable to catch me online, please email me. I will be most happy to schedule a time just for you.♥*

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